How To Really Build Muscle?

How To Really Build Muscle?

How many times have you heard, seen or read how to build muscle? How many times have you been told that X is the only way to build muscle only to then see that it’s really Y that is the only way to build muscle?

The only thing for certain is that confusion reigns when it comes to building muscle as far as all the information that is available from all the experts.

You are not alone when it comes to trying to find out the best way to build muscle and get the body you want. Everyone is looking for the next best thing or just the best thing and with so much information available its almost impossible to know what to do for the best.

And this is where the real problem is!

So What’s The Truth of Muscle Building?
The truth is as always very simple. Everything works for 2 to 6 weeks or so!! However all you really need to know is:

What Muscle Building Programme to Follow?
The truth is it doesn’t matter (yes read that again) the truth is it doesn’t matter just make sure you concentrate on the big compound moves (squat, in all its variations, e.g. back squat, front squat, goblet squat; leg press, single and double leg, deadlift; bench press, pull ups, shoulder press etc) before you start working on isolation exercises that will not stimulate growth.

You must also look to increase either the weight you lift/move or the number of reps you do on each exercise during each workout. This way you will stimulate your body to compensate and get what you desire which is to GROW.

The only way to get your muscles to grow is to break it down by continually putting it under more and more stress by continually aiming to increase either the weight it has to lift/move or the amount of time it has to do so which means more reps than the previous workout.

Stick to the Programme
Here is the real key to your progress in building muscle and getting the body you desire. Stay the course, don’t waiver, stick to what you decide for the 6 weeks or so, give your self the chance to succeed by doing this. Do this and you will set yourself up for success rather than failure.

Ignore all the other information
At least until you have actually completed the programme that you have decided to follow for around a 6 week timescale. The biggest reason people like you do not succeed in building the muscle you desire is that you read far too much information on the next best thing or X is the best programme or Y is now the best that you never actually complete a programme without at the very least tweaking what you are doing.
This will cause you to if not fail in you goal to build muscle then at the very least mean you will not progress as you really should.

I know this is hard but too much information will make you second guess what you were doing and this leads to tweaking or completely changing what you are doing and this is a major influence on the outcome you are looking for.

Just stick to your chosen programme for 6 weeks or so and decide to stop reading the magazines or internet information and listening to other experts down the gym at least for just thew 6 weeks to see how far you can go on the programme you have chosen.

Do this and you will build the muscles that you desire or at least be well on the way to this.

Give yourself the chance to really change your body after all its only 6 weeks or so and when you then see the progress you are after this will make you even more focused to do the same again on your next programme.

Eat and Rest
Along with your training an even more important part of your quest to build muscle and get the body you want is to ensure that you eat enough food to support the growth you want and rest enough to make sure you grow and recover in time for your next workout.

Ensure that you get enough protein at each meal to build muscle and eat a balanced diet avoiding junk food. The is no need to expand on this here you know what is junk food and what to avoid.

This is another whole topic that is full of contradictions and something that I will cover in another article. All you really need to know now is it is really just common sense, unfortunately common sense in muscle building and nutrition can be far from common!!

I would like to thank you for the time you have taken to read this article and if you would like to read other interesting and informative information on this or similar topics have a look at the rest of this site it’s a good resource in your quest to build muscle.